Participate in Aid Matrix Fleet Statistics Survey and Receive a Benchmark Report

Survey of Fleet Statistics to Provide Vital Information for Fleet Forum Members

AIDMatrix Partners with Fleet Forum for In-depth Overview of Aid and Development Fleet Statistics

GENEVA (20 February 2012) Fleet management within the aid and development sector is undergoing rapid and widespread change. There are ever-increasing pressures on fleet managers for efficient and reliable fleets in the widening arena of disaster response. Organizations face significant changes in the operational environment and infrastructure in the countries where aid and development fleets must operate. Fleet complexity is an issue as there are increases in the number and type of vehicles that comprise fleets. Regulatory and compliance requirements are constantly changing. Technology and innovation open new areas of opportunity for effectiveness and efficiency, in addition to bringing additional responsibility and accountability to existing management. These factors paint a picture of the aid and development transport sector that is unrecognizable compared to 10 years ago.

It is in this environment that AIDMatrix Foundation and Fleet Forum have launched a new survey designed to provide an in-depth overview of aid and development fleet statistics. The goal is to realize an updated and clarified view of the impact of these and other changes on the fleet operations within aid and development organizations. Statistics from 2008 indicate that there were roughly 80,000 vehicles in the aid and development sector, with operating costs of US$800 million a year. The new survey will update these numbers and will also provide Fleet Forum members with expanded insights into aid and development fleets, types and age of vehicles, and the impact of vehicles on planning and budgets to create a new understanding of the value of transport within the aid and development sector.

The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc. builds and operates powerful technology hubs that support diverse stakeholder groups in their efforts to work together to solve the world’s most challenging humanitarian crises. Their unique expertise in data gathering from across the aid and development sector is a key factor in the success of the survey.

Fleet Forum seeks to add value to transport effectiveness by providing leadership and support to the aid and development and commercial transport sectors in low- and middle-income countries in the areas of road safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency. Fleet Forum works with transport and fleet professionals to set the standard for sustainable transport management. They deliver a complete range of services and products that improve safety, efficiency, and effectiveness while reducing the environmental impact of transport. In a distinctive and vitally important convening role, Fleet Forum brings together all stakeholders to discuss, to learn, and to facilitate collaboration.

The 200+ member organisations of Fleet Forum have joined together in a singular commitment to create a safer, greener, and more sustainable world through improved road safety and efficient fleet policies.

“Working together as a community and collaborating on this survey provide us the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of fleet costs and values that we could never obtain alone,” states Paul Jansen, Fleet Forum Executive Director. “We have had good support so far, but we are hoping that many more organizations will get involved and fill out the surveys. All of the organizations that do participate will receive a report on their organization, including how their results relate to the results of other organizations.”


Initial results from the survey will be made available at the Annual Fleet Forum Conference in Geneva, 11-13 April 2012. 20 organisations have already shared their data, but other organisations still have chance to participate as well. If you want to participate in the survey, click here. For more information, please contact Paul Jansen atpaul.jansen@fleetforum.org.