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Major Initiatives Mark Fleet Forum’s 10th Annual Conference

Geneva, Switzerland… (April 11, 2012) Road action organisation Fleet Forum kicked off its 10th annual conference today with major initiatives designed to address some of the world’s most serious road-related issues.

The Conference was opened by Matthias Schmale, Under Secretary General, Programme Services, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), who welcomed the participants to the IFRC headquarters in Geneva, and expressed appreciation for the way in which awareness for fleet and road safety issues has grown in the decade since the IFRC helped found the Fleet Forum a decade ago.

“The Annual Conference brings together a wide range of participants committed to making road transport safe, efficient, and environmentally viable,” said Paul Jansen, Executive Director of Fleet Forum. “As we celebrate this 10th annual conference we want to make an even greater impact on these vital issues that affect us all. W cannot accept the current toll in human lives and damage to our societies, and we will make a difference. By working together we can develop practical solutions to the problems in ways that also increase fleet efficiency and workforce job satisfaction.”

With some 75 participants and over 20 presenters, Fleet Forum’s Conference has the theme Growth through Collaboration and runs until April 13.

With the support of over 200 member organisations, Fleet Forum remains committed to its three primary roles of convener, solution provider and leader: convening transport and fleet professionals to identify best practices; developing practical solutions that leverage the latest technologies; and setting the leadership standard for sustainable transport management.