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Finding Solutions: Sharing Practical Knowledge Brings Results at Fleet Forum Conference

Geneva, Switzerland (April 12, 2012). “It’s not enough to simply identify road and transport problems. We need to work together to find practical solutions. ‘Growth through Collaboration’ is the theme of the conference, and the workshops are an important part of what we have gathered to do,” says Paul Jansen, Executive Director of the Fleet Forum. “By sharing our common experiences, our challenges, and the knowledge of the solutions that our members have developed, we can really make a difference in making sure road transportation is safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible.”

The wide range of reports and workshops at Fleet Forum’s Annual Conference, currently being held in Geneva April 11-13, have demonstrated the eagerness of Fleet Forum members to improve fleet management and road safety. Subjects have included mobile driver training programs, child road safety initiatives, case histories in transport management, fleet management and road safety, technical training, preventing vehicle rollover, fleet performance standards, and accident prevention.

Forum participants recommended the development of programs to efficiently manage vehicle disposal and to help drivers prevent vehicle rollover, explored collaboration on the training of workshop technicians, evaluated an innovative event that demonstrates driver skills and excellence, and pilot-tested a management game that will be used in fleet management training programs. They called for the development of an online knowledge resource center where documents, reports, management tools, training resources, and best practices can be available to Fleet Forum members 365 days a year.

“This is at the heart of what the conference is all about,” said Lars Gustavsson, President of the Fleet Forum Association. “These discussions are an important part of bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to fleet management in the humanitarian sector, as well as to the corporate organizations with whom we interact.”

The Fleet Forum Annual Conference brings together stakeholders from across the transportation spectrum, including commercial companies, aid/development agencies, road safety organisations, academics, and international agencies. There are currently 70 participants and 20 different presenters attending the 2012 Conference.