Modular Driver Training: Fleet Forum Makes Learning Fun

Johannesburg, South Africa… (4 May 2012). As a means of making learning fun, Fleet Forum has introduced a new programme of modular driver training – with music! Supplied on an audio CD, vital road safety training concepts are taught to truck drivers while on the road, complete with tracks of the latest songs.

The road safety training CD is a joint production of Fleet Forum and the North Star Alliance, an organisation that provide mobile workers and their communities with sustainable access to high quality health and safety services.

Launched at the premises of transport company Transvaal Heavy Transport (THT) in Alberton, near Johannesburg, in South Africa on May 4, this new way of providing modular driver training received an enthusiastic reception from the driving team. They were able to sample the CD and its audio road safety training, as well as the music. The plan is for drivers to listen to the CD while driving and learn in their own time at their own pace. When drivers have learned the material they can then take an interactive assessment at a kiosk in one of North Star’s Wellness Centres that are located along the major transport corridors in Africa. This training module is part of a comprehensive drivers’ certification scheme currently in development.

THT drivers were impressed by the presentation of the programme by Simphiwe Rasmeni, Fleet Forum’s Project Manager for the Modular Driver Training Project. They welcomed training that keeps them and other road users safe on the road, as well as the contemporary DJ training style. THT is one of four pilot organisations that will test innovative training methods specifically aimed at long distance truck drivers.

The road safety training CD is the first training product that Fleet Forum and North Star have developed. In total, during the pilot programme, four modules will be developed and tested. In addition to the module on Road Safety there will be modules on Health, Defensive Driving, and Dangerous Goods.

More photos can be found here.