Working for Cleaner, Greener World: Workshop Implements Clean Fleet Toolkit

Nairobi, Kenya… (8 May, 2012) Fleet Forum partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to put into effect best practices through a workshop highlighting the environmental, safety and health benefits that derive from a systematic clean fleet strategy.

The workshop held at the UNEP Transport Unit in Nairobi on May 8 implemented the Clean Fleet Toolkit developed by UNEP in conjunction with transport and logistics company TNT. The objective of this and similar workshops is to provide practical and hands on knowledge in developing a clean fleet strategy to Fleet Forum members, including humanitarian and commercial fleet operators.

Fleet Forum Programme Manager Rose van Steijn commented that “implementation is a vital part of our mission. These workshops put into practice the ideas developed in the Clean Fleet Toolkit and make a very real difference on the ground. We’re seeing great interest and a strong desire for change in terms of safety, efficiency, and the environment.”

After reviewing the Toolkit and emphasizing the safety and environmental impacts, participants were invited to input their organisations fleet data into the Toolkit, to examine the carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants produced by their fleets, and to develop different strategies using the Toolkits recommendations.

Strategies developed included changing fleet composition to include cleaner and more efficient vehicles, putting in place more systematic and regular maintenance schedule and driver eco-training, and collecting and analyzing data on fuel consumption.

Sam Bakidde of United Nations World Food Programme Uganda commented that he attended the workshop “because of the interesting area of fleet management. We’ve been looking around for ideas and strategies of how to control our fleet and keep it clean. The workshop was a great experience for us.”

Both UNEP and Fleet Forum are members of the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles, and Fleet Forum, through its board member TNT, has been closely linked to the development and promotion of the UNEP-TNT Clean Fleet Toolkit.

For a video clip from the workshop, click here.

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