Senegal: Fleet Forum to Participate in Regional Conference on Road Safety

Dakar, Senegal… On June 20-21 Fleet Forum is to participate in the Regional Conference on Road Safety organised by Laser International, an organisation for road safety action.

“Our role in the conference is to address the state of road safety awareness and implementation in fleet organisations, and see where improvements can be made in the short, medium, and long term,” says Rose van Steijn, Programme Manager with Fleet Forum.

The conference brings together government ministers, civic authorities, transport directors, commercial businesses, and non-government organisations (NGOs) to address the critical issue of road safety. Its objectives are to share best practices, develop joint projects, and provide practical knowledge to tackle the problem of road traffic accidents in West Africa.

“Fleet Forum will facilitate a roundtable to stimulate organisations to work together on road safety, thus increasing impact, and will also conduct a practical fleet safety management assessment workshop,” comments Steijn. She and her colleague Erik Snellaars will coordinate the discussion and provide information and tools that can be used to help address both personal and organisational behaviour that can reduce the risk of road traffic accidents. The target audience is decision makers from the governments of West Africa, the corporate sector, and NGOs.

This fourth Regional Conference on Road Safety will be opened by the Minister of Infrastructure and Land Transport of Senegal, and will be held in Dakar at the King Fahd Palace.