Senegal: Fleet Forum Participates in Regional Road Safety Forum

Dakar, Senegal… (July 30, 2012). Fleet Forum participated in the fourth Regional Road Safety Forum in Senegal held June 20-21, facilitating a round table discussion on the subject of fleet safety management and a workshop on fleet safety assessment in organizations. Fleet Forum was represented by programme managers Rose van Steijn and Erik Snellaars.

“The purpose of the roundtable was to explore road safety in fleet management, and highlight the problems faced by organisations and develop a common vision of how road safety could be addressed,” said van Steijn. “This approach sought to involve the senior management, those who affect and are affected by road safety and fleet management within their organisations. They were able to provide expertise in the discussion and to choose to participate in one or more joint initiatives during the workshop.”

The conference brings together the major stakeholders involved in transport operations in West Africa. The lack of road safety in the region has a serious impact on economic development and endangers the ability to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Deaths from road accidents are the highest in the world, with 50 fatalities per 10,000 vehicles, compared with the corresponding figure of 1.7 in Europe. The cost of road fatalities and injuries is estimated at 1% – 3% of the region’s Gross Domestic Product.

“One serious problem is that road safety is not considered mission critical by senior management of most public or commercial organizations,” according to Snellaars. “Additionally, in most organizations, the expertise of road safety at the level of middle managers is limited. Our role is to help those involved understand how improved road safety and fleet management can also help the efficiency and success of their organisation’s fleet operations using the evaluative tools we have developed.”

The forum was organised by Laser International in conjunction with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the government of Senegal with the support of the Economic Community of West African States, the European Union, and the French Ministry of the Interior as well as road safety organizations. In addition to three previous road safety forums held in Senegal, similar events have been held in Ghana, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

More photos from the forum can be seen on Fleet Forum’s Flickr or in the gallery below.