Fleet Forums Plans Armoured Vehicle Workshop with DFID and USAID

Geneva, Switzerland… (9 August 2012) Fleet Forum announces a workshop on the purchase and use of armoured vehicles for aid agencies. Supported by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) in collaboration with the United States government’s aid organisation USAID, the October 2/3 workshop will build knowledge relative to the use of armoured vehicles by aid agencies in hostile environments that require high-security solutions.

“Many armoured vehicle fleets in the humanitarian aid sector are not managed and operated in the safest and efficient way due to the lack of necessary technical expertise and operational procedures,” comments Fleet Forum programme manager Rose van Steijn. “On day one of the workshop we will cover such essential subjects as ballistic standards and classification, security, vehicle selection and procurement, and daily operations. On day two we will address standardisation and interoperability, driver training, disposal strategy, and driving instruction.”

The workshop sessions will be led and facilitated by a range of experts with technical knowledge and experience of armoured vehicle procurement and operation in order to build knowledge in this highly-specialised technical field.

Participation is by invitation only. For more information contact Rose van Steijn through the contact page of this website.