Fleet Forum Advances Road Safety Agenda in India through Round Table Conference

Gurgaon, India… (October 18, 2912). Corporate organisations in India came together September 18 in Gurgaon, India, to participate in the third 3th Road Safety Round Table organized by Fleet Forum.

The objective of the Round Table event was to develop tangible projects plans and to learn from a collaborative approach of working groups on road safety. Using this information-sharing technique, participating organizations were able to gain new insights into how to improve road safety in practical ways. These included a presentation on the Complete Driver accreditation programme by Shell, updates on Two Wheeler Training curriculum and certification, and community engagement on road safety.

“These round tables provide an excellent opportunity for interested parties to come together and gain some practical methods to improve road safety,” comments Erik Snellaars, programme manager for Fleet Forum. “By so doing we are able to change perceptions on road safety in such a way that those involved see active, real-world, and proven techniques that will help mitigate the tragedy of road deaths and injuries.”

The consensus from the participants was that they were making progress. “Everybody is very open and willing to share information. We are all trying to reach out to each other and we definitely made progress,” commented one, while another said, “First I had no confidence in this group and now I see a significant positive change.”

The next India Round Table is scheduled for February 1, 2013.