Survey Report Details Major Road Safety Challenges in Jaipur, India

Jaipur, India… (October 17, 2012) A major report that summarises the results of a road safety survey conducted in the slum area of Jawahar Nagar starkly illustrates the increasing human costs of road accidents, according to Fleet Forum.

The Society for Integrated Developmental Activities, Research and Training (SIDART) conducted the survey in cooperation with Fleet Forum. The primary intent was to examine the impact of the lack of road safety on people living in the slum area of Jawahar Nagar. Noting that India has the worst road traffic accident rate worldwide with more than 126,000 deaths on the roads yearly, the report highlights the urgent need for education in road safety and actions to mitigate the appalling costs in terms of both human tragedy and economic deprivation.

Citing the various causes of road accidents, the report concludes that the principal victims are mostly the vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists. By the use of actual case studies, the extent of the human tragedy caused by road accidents is vividly portrayed.

“This survey shows how desperate the situation really is,” comments Rose van Steijn, programme manager at Fleet Forum. “By using this technique of surveying a sample of the local population we see the invasive impact of road accidents. It’s impossible not to be moved by the accounts detailed in the case studies, and makes us even more determined to have a real and meaningful impact and change this terrible situation. We’re grateful for SIDART’s contribution to help make this possible.”

The report concludes with specific recommendations that include barricades at danger points, the integration of road safety into the school curriculum, local education and awareness campaigns targeting the vulnerable, developing teaching materials for the illiterate, highlighting the dangers of alcohol use, enforcing mandatory helmet-wearing by drivers of two-wheelers, better police training to enhance road safety, improving road signage, and sharing the best practices in road-safety from other countries or regions.

The full survey report is available here.