Clean Fleet Strategy workshop with UNEP in Gurgaon, India

Fleet Forum is pleased to announce a Clean Fleet Strategy workshop to be hosted by GlaxoSmithCline (GSK) in Gurgaon, India, on 29th November 2012. This workshop is being presented in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), using the Clean Fleet Management Toolkit.

The Toolkit contains tools that help fleet managers to evaluate the impact of their fleets on the environment and on human health, and to develop practical strategies and scenarios for corrective and cost-effective action. With minimal input, the Toolkit allows fleet operators and managers to evaluate options and develop their own tailor-made strategy by comparing the costs and benefits of potential actions—from simple maintenance, to eco driving, to advanced fuels and vehicle technologies.

The value of clean fleet management includes:

  • Reduction in air pollution
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved corporate social responsibility
  • Lower operational costs through fuel savings
  • Extended vehicle life through improved maintenance, cleaner fuel use, and driver training
  • Improved organizational environmental profile and overall efficiency of operations

To discover the amount of emissions and the environmental impacts of these emissions, all that is required is to fill in basic fleet data, such as the number of vehicles and fuel consumption—then the built-in calculation tool will do the work. Cost savings are calculated in a similar way.

Participation is by invitation only. Please contact Vivek Sinha at for more information.