Jaipur, India: Fleet Forum/UPS Event Demonstrates Need for Community Involvement in Road Safety

Jaipur, India… (30 December 2012) The need for community involvement in promoting road safety was vividly illustrated by an event held on 30 December and organised by Fleet Forum together with UPS in the city of Jaipur, India.

UPS employees promoted safe road use in the Jawahar Nagar slum area through fliers and innovative techniques such as a puppet show. After a keynote speech by the area’s community representative the UPS employees carried out these activities, and also met with the community elders to educate them on road safety. The fliers took the form of a calendar for 2013 that contained important road safety messages.

Some 150 people were contacted and 250 fliers were distributed. Discussions with the local people centred on vital issues to help avoid accidents and reduce their impact, according to Rose van Steijn, programme manager with Fleet Forum.

“The UPS employees carried out the awareness session really well,” says van Steijn. “They addressed issues such as the use of helmets, pedestrian safety, avoiding speeding, not using mobile phones while driving—along with the current death toll on the roads and the importance of stressing the real dangers of road use within the family. Thanks are due to the UPS team for using their personal time to help such a noble cause.”