Fleet Forum Announces Major Fleet Safety Event for Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya… (9 January 2013). Fleet Forum announces a major Fleet Safety Event to be held 14 – 15 May in Nairobi, Kenya in conjunction with World Vision Kenya and Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd (TGS).

This special event will focus on assisting fleet managers and drivers of aid and development organisations in improving fleet management and road safety. The core question to be asked is, “Are you the safest team?”

“Day 1 will focus on Fleet Safety Management,” says Rose van Steijn, programme manager with Fleet Forum. “The participants will gain knowledge regarding the cause of road traffic accidents, understand how road traffic accidents impact the organisation, assess their organisations’ current status on road safety, and come up with risk reducing actions. The day will end with the Fleet Safety Game, in which the participants can compete to be the safest manager and driver. Day 2 will consist of a practical driving event: the team of TGS will work together with the drivers to improve safe and defensive driving skills. The drivers will put their learning into practice and will be challenged to show their skills and can compete to be the safest and most eco-friendly driver.”

The programme is centred on a team approach, and so is only open to organisations willing to commit their team to the event (individual managers or drivers cannot participate). The event is aimed at managers or supervisors who deal with vehicle fleet operations on a daily basis, together with their drivers. Both manager and driver will be assessed during the event; the manager on knowledge and practice of fleet safety, the driver on driving skills. The team that scores the highest number of points will receive the ‘TGS Safety First’ Award.

The event is being hosted by World Vision Kenya. Fleet Forum is the organizer of the event and the fleet safety management aspects (Day 1), while TSG is the event sponsor and organizer of the driver safety aspects (Day 2). There is no cost to participate in the event. Travel and accommodation costs are to be covered by the participating organisations.

Participation from aid and development organisations is encouraged as a means to learn more about fleet safety in an educational yet engaging way, recognising that enhanced driver training and better fleet management are essential in improving road safety.