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UNHCR to Host 2nd Fleet Forum Workshop on Armoured Vehicles

Fleet Forum announces a 2-day workshop on the procurement and operation of Armoured Vehicles. The workshop will be held on May 29th and 30th at the Global Service Centre of UNHCR in Budapest, Hungary.  Representatives from aid and development organisations currently operating AVs in the field are invited to participate.


In October 2012 thefirst workshop on Armoured Vehicles was held and during this workshop common challenges and areas for improvement were identified. One of the issues raised by the participants is the lack of expertise and tools available in organisations to conduct proper threat assessments against operating requirements, which leads either to under or over specification of the armoured vehicle. As a result agencies are procuring armoured vehicles that are either not suited for the level of protection needed and/or agencies are faced with high acquisition and maintenance costs in situations where there is only a minimal threat present.


In order to address this issue, Fleet Forum, hosted by UNHCR, will hold a 2-day technical workshop with the following objective:

  • Develop a threat assessment tool that can be used by country offices in order to help them making a well-informed decision what type of armoured vehicle is needed in the operating environment. The outcome of the threat assessment will help in specifying the correct vehicle and will improve the selection and procurement process.
  • Develop guidelines for the country offices how to use the threat assessment tool.

Develop guidelines how the threat assessment tool can be used in the selection and procurement process


The workshop is aimed exclusively at fleet, security and procurement managers of UN agencies and INGO’s who are currently using AVs or considering purchases in the future.


If you are interested in participating in this workshop please send an email to Rose van Steijn ( before 1st May 2013.