Mobileye Partners with Fleet Forum to Improve Humanitarian Fleet Safety

Pilot Project to Launch at Annual Fleet Forum Conference in Dubai


Jericho, New York, March 27, 2013 – Mobileye, the world leader inAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Fleet Forum, an independent knowledge center focused on improving the safety and efficiency of humanitarian vehicle fleets, announced today that they will be launching a joint Fleet Safety pilot program. As part of the program, Mobileye will install its life-saving technology in humanitarian vehicles for a six-month testing period, after which all data will be evaluated by Fleet Forum.

According to the 65th UN General Assembly’s Report on personnel safety, road accidents account for 93% of casualties and 80% of injuries among the UN’s humanitarian workers. By helping drivers avoid potential collisions, Mobileye’s camera-based vision technology is seen as an effective tool in reducing the number of road accidents.

“Driver safety is a mission critical concern for humanitarian organizations,” said Rose van Steijn, Programme Manager of Fleet Forum. “By enabling these organizations to improve driver safety and avoid road accidents, we are allowing them to increase their reach and impact.”

By reaching the installation milestone of more than 1 million Mobileye systems in 2012, and with the expected growth to 5 million systems deployed globally by 2014, Mobileye has pioneered the ADAS industry to develop the most advanced Collision Avoidance technology.

The Mobileye solution uses monocular vision technology, including object (pedestrian and vehicle) detection, lane detection, traffic signs recognition, and high/low beams control. These technologies are powered by Mobileye’s System-on-Chip – (EyeQ™) and provide a multitude of applications running in parallel. Some features of the solution include Lane Detection technology, Lane-Keeping and Traffic-Jam Assist, Forward-Collision-Warning, as well as collision mitigation by brake. These features form the basis of a technology that is able to process driving conditions in real time and alert the driver as needed. Mobileye’s technology can be found in new models from major car manufacturers such as BMW, Volvo, GM, and others and is also available as an aftermarket solution through their global distribution network.

“Mobileye’s aftermarket technology is the most advanced safety solution available to retrofit both personal and commercial vehicles,” said Iain Levy Director of Regional Development for Mobileye. “We are proud to take a central part in this project to help protect the lives of humanitarian workers and enable them to complete their humanitarian work safely.”

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About Mobileye

Mobileye is a world leader in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The company’s unique vision-based platform, driven by its proprietary chipset and algorithms, works as a third eye to mitigate and avoid the risk of collision. Mobileye’s solutions are available in the aftermarket through distribution channels. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Mobileye has offices in the United States, Cyprus, and Japan. For more information, please visit

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About Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum was formed in 2003 to encourage, facilitate, and develop relationships between humanitarian aid and development organisations all over the world. It has grown to encompass commercial transport organizations that share concerns about road safety, green practices, and fleet efficiency. It is an interagency association of more than 40 members, including NGOs, international organisations, the UN, academic institutions, donors, and corporate partners. The organizations that are behind the successful growth of Fleet Forum include International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), TNT, UPS, UN World Food Programme (WFP), and World Vision International (WVI).

The mission of Fleet Forum is to convene all of the various stakeholders that play a role in road safety and fleet efficiency in dialog and shared activities that will help save lives, be cost efficient, and help save the planet. Through effective leadership in the development and implementation of standards-based solutions, Fleet Forum provides support to the aid and development and the commercial transport sectors in low- and middle-income countries, in the areas of road safety, cost efficiency, and environmental impact.

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Rose van Steijn
Programme Manager Fleet Forum
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