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Building Fleet Management Capacity in Aid and Development Organisations

Fleet Forum has agreed on a partnership with USAID to build fleet management capacity in aid and development organisations. USAID’s interest in fleet management is increasing as it becomes more and more apparent that transportation is a cornerstone of programme delivery—it is the second largest cost for most aid and development organisations, and vehicles are used to monitor, coordinate, and execute last-mile distribution of humanitarian assistance. Without vehicles, aid and development organisations can neither deliver their programmes nor support people in need.

Therefore, Fleet Forum and USAID have decided to offer a programme that has several components:

  • Workshops that support building field staff capacity: the Fleet Excellence Training week, combining fleet safety, clean fleet strategies, and fleet management.
  • Workshops that address specific challenges and aim to develop shared solutions: vehicle disposal, accident prevention, and armoured vehicles.
  • Building a knowledge platform that captures the outcome and results of the workshops.

The first two Fleet Excellence Training weeks (Nepal and Haiti) and the first two workshops (vehicle disposal and accident prevention) have taken place. 100% of the training participants recommended this workshop to others, and all participants stated that this training has given them enough knowledge and skill to start improving fleet management in their organisation. The Regional Deputy Director CRS who attended the Haiti training said: “Please keep it up! This is one of the best Fleet Management Trainings I’ve attended in the last 10 years. Excellent quality, value for our time!”

The workshops on vehicle disposal and accident investigation were very practical. In the coming months, these working groups will deliver tangible products:

  • A model to enable vehicle auctions from different countries.
  • An accident investigation tool.
  • An accident investigation report format.
  • A set of good practices of preventive measures.

All products will be placed on the Fleet Forum website in the coming months. More photos & information can be found here.