Fleet Excellence Training in Jakarta

In September, Fleet Forum launched Fleet Excellence Training for companies. In Jakarta, Indonesia, this five-day training on fleet safety, clean fleet strategies and fleet management was conducted for companies such as TNT and Unilever and their subcontractors. The evaluation of the training was very positive. 100% of the participants would recommend the training to others, and 70% stated that the training has given them enough knowledge and skills to start improving fleet management within their organisation. Topics of highest interest included the involvement of senior management and the way KPI’s are being used for improvement.

Over the past few years, Fleet Forum has developed practical, hands-on trainings that increase the knowledge and skills of field staff in the area of fleet management, fleet safety, and clean fleets. The trainings are specifically developed for transporters and supply chain owners and aim to make fleet operations more cost efficient, to increase staff safety, and to reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations. Although practical in operation, the trainings also provide opportunities for the participants to work on more strategic topics in this area, such as strategy development, managerial action planning, and risk assessments. These trainings are aimed at senior and middle managers at the field level.

In 2014, trainings will take place in Thailand, Tanzania, India, Senegal, and Nigeria.