NSEWA is the new and unique training product for truck drivers. NSEWA is an initiative to close the gap between health services and road safety through specially designed driver safety training and health-related programmes aimed at the road freight industry. This comprehensive training package was developed and tailored to enhance the driving skills and health-conscious behaviour of truck drivers. This product, developed by North Star Alliance and Fleet Forum, was funded by UPS Foundation and the Road Safety Fund.



At the end of 2012, NSEWA finished its pilot phase and went live commercially with the following modules, which have officially been accredited by the South African Transport Education Authorities:

  • Introduction to Road Safety (CD)
  • Defensive Driving (3 CD’s)
  • Dangerous Goods (workbook)
  • Inspect and Lubricate an Automotive System (workbook)
  • Basic First Aid (audio CD)
  • Driving a 4×4 Vehicle (audio CD)
  • Customer Care (workbook)

Because driver training is quite often a repetition of what has been previously learned, and because taking drivers off the road to spend time in a classroom has a negative impact on the organisations’ productivity figures, Fleet Forum and North Star have taken the initiative to combine different training methods, resulting in a combination of audio CDs, workbooks, and interactive assessments using touch screen technology.

To test the drivers’ assessment, kiosks are placed in the following Roadside Wellness Centres:

  • Chirundu North (Zimbabwe/Zambia border)
  • Beitbridge (N1 – South Africa/Zimbabwe border)
  • Oxfam Harare (Harare, Zimbabwe)
  • City Deep (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Ngodwana (N4 – Nelspruit, South Africa)
  • Cato Ridge (N3 – Durban, South Africa)

5000 drivers started the training in 2013 with the first two modules. TETA, the South African Transport Education Authorities, wants to raise awareness for road safety. Inspired by the success of NSEWA, they decided to use the NSEWA concept to realise this. TETA will encourage truck drivers to follow the NSEWA programme by handing out the first two CD’s to drivers at toll booths and border posts.

For more information, click here (NSEWA) or contact Paul Matthew, Director Southern Africa for North Star Alliance,, 082 6044 055 or Rose van Steijn, Fleet Forum Programme Manager Rose.van.Steijn [at], Mobile — +31 6 518 53 160.