Traffic Safety Education Programme for Children

India has the greatest number of road accidents, with over 400.000 accidents reported annually. A startling number of these victims are children. Most of these accidents result from a low level of awareness, chaotic traffic, poor infrastructure, and bad road conditions.[Source: Road Accidents in India 2011, By Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Transport research wing.]

To address this crisis, Fleet Forum, on behalf of Shell India Markets Private Limited, launched a seven-week Road Safety Programme in three Indian cities, targeted at students of Class VI and VII. The students were taught the various aspects of road safety through the active learning method, in which the instructors led the children to participate in role plays, skits, discussions, case studies, and the creation of posters. This method of imparting knowledge aims to create maximum impact among the audience.

The students enjoyed participating in the lessons. One of the children wrote: “From all the lessons, I liked Stop, Look, Listen, Think. I learnt why so many accidents are happening in India, because of temptations. I shared what I learnt with my father, brother, sister and mother.”

The principals and teachers also observed the impact the programme made on the children. Mr. Sailesh Sutaria, the principal of Ryan International School in Surat, wrote: “This is a very innovative idea to improve traffic rules and regulation implementation in early childhood, so that in the future they will follow all rules and regulations in their life.”

To discover if the positive results of the training would last, an impact assessment was conducted three months after the end of the programme in schools in Bangalore, Chennai, and Surat. The most important outcomes:

  • 87% can recall the meaning of Stop, Look, Listen, Think.
  • 51% still know the meaning of all the traffic signs they studied.
  • 60% of the children shared what they learned about road safety with family and friends, including safe and unsafe crossing, emergency numbers, safe route to school, and the Stop Look Listen Think procedure.

This positive outcome encouraged Shell to decide to roll out the programme to more schools in 2014. In addition to Shell, a number of other companies in India want to become part of this programme in order to reach more schools. In the coming weeks the final list of companies will be published.

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