Meeting mobile and remote energy needs

How to charge mobile devices while out in the field? Most aid and development organisations have sizeable fleets that travel long distances to remote locations. Most of these vehicles are used by two to four staff members who carry laptops, cellular phones, iPads, hand-held communication radios, cameras, security gear, and so forth. We live in a digital age in which almost all of our business tools operate on batteries and require frequent charging. The charging infrastructure in most vehicles is inadequate for the needed recharging; as a result, staff members sometimes operate the engine while the vehicle is stationary to provide a power outlet—incurring significant expense in fuel, as well as creating unwarranted safety risks. Other solutions include expending time seeking locations where devices may be recharged or returning to urban areas with the sole purpose of charging devices.


Early this year a meeting was convened to discuss the possibility of adapting vehicles into mobile “chargeability stations.” Fleet Forum is the convening agency for the aid industry for fleet efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. TGS is Toyota’s official supplier of ex-stock vehicles to aid and humanitarian organisations worldwide. Point Innovate (co-developer and supplier of “Goal Zero” mobile energy products) works with the aid sector to bring reliable energy solutions to where the needs are greatest. Working from a requirements list developed through conversations with the primary consumers within the aid community, TGS has now completed a prototype that is ready to be tested. A great deal of care has gone into the choice of materials and equipment and the overall design of the prototype.


At Aidex in Brussels (13 and 14 November) the prototype will be presented at the TGS booth (B25). We are hoping to get feedback from as many organisations as possible. If you attend Aidex, please come and see this innovative solution and give your feedback

Download a Flyer with more information here.

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