January 2014 Stories of the Month

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Fleet Forum partners with International Road Federation to conduct Fleet Excellence Training

Fleet Forum and the International Road Federation, Geneva Programme Centre have entered into a three-year agreement to conduct training courses and workshops on fleet management.

The training and workshops will focus on improving road safety, cost effectiveness, and environmental performance of fleets by providing fleet managers with state-of-the-art tools and knowledge for managing their fleet. The content for these training courses and workshops has been specifically developed to make fleet operations more cost efficient and effective, to increase staff safety, and to reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations.

In the next 12 months, a minimum of 12 training courses and workshops will be held at different locations throughout the world.

Read more at the press release.

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Humanitarian Fleet Management Standards now available on our website

In the second half of 2013 Fleet Forum piloted the developed Humanitarian Fleet Management Standards and the self-assessment tool that helps to determine the current state of fleet management, both from a policy and procedure level as well as an actual implementation level. Both the Humanitarian Fleet Management Standards and the self-assessment tool are now available on our website. Click here to read more.


Fleet 360. Still opportunity to participate in the survey and win an iPad

In partnership with Clements, we are conducting FleetRisk360°, a comprehensive review of fleet risks arising in the humanitarian context. It will examine key loss drivers, likelihood, and severity of fleet-related losses. The results, to be delivered at Fleet Forum’s annual conference 2014 from 2 to 4 April in Budapest, will not only serve as a benchmarking tool, but will provide critical new insights for the development of best practices and fleet risk mitigation strategies such as global access to insurance.

Participation in the survey will give you good insight into your risk compared to other organisations, and it will give you a chance to win an iPad! Complete the survey in its entirety and you will be entered into a raffle for a new iPad. Read more here.

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An innovative method of changing childrens’ behaviour in traffic

India has the highest number of traffic fatalities, especially amongst children and adolescents. There is an ongoing interest from both development organisations and corporate organisations to find ways to mitigate these risks. UPS India, together with the UPS Foundation, translated this interest into funding the development of a child road safety education programme. Fleet Forum, in collaboration with SIDART, began developing this programme in early 2013. Fleet Forum’s expertise on road safety, combined with SIDART’s expertise in community engagement, resulted in an innovative child road safety education project aiming to change the behaviour of children and members of the community in which the children live.

The concept of the programme was described in a paper that will be published in scientific journals. The authors of this paper are Dr. Pramila Sanjaya and Dr. Lalit Kishore. The paper is available in our Publications section. Click here to read it now and click here to read more about the programme.

Fleet Forum and Mobileye Announce the start of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Pilot

Fleet Forum and Mobileye announced that the pilot for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems will start at the end of October in Nigeria. The pilot provides use of Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to two organizational members of Fleet Forum. Among over 50 members of Fleet Forum, Catholic Relief Services and Riders for Health were selected as participants after the announcement of the pilot at the Fleet Forum Conference 2013 in Dubai. Read more here.

South Africa roundtable held in November

Fleet Forum convened a senior management roundtable on Road Safety in South Africa on 12 November 2013. Senior managers from organisations who impact and are impacted by the consequences of road traffic accidents were encouraged to bring their expertise and ideas to this roundtable. Collaboration can lead to better ways of meeting the new challenges of the transport sector in southern Africa and can lessen the risk of competitive disadvantage. Read more here.

Other Resources

Road Safety Game

At the end of 2012 Fleet Forum introduced Driving Force, the road safety game for aid and development organisations. Delivery Force, the version for commercial transport, followed in 2013. Rose van Steijn, who developed the game, has discovered during the last 12 months that participants of trainings who played the game experienced it as a fun, active, and engaging activity; had a higher retention of their knowledge; and were more engaged, even several weeks after the game simulation. This award-winning game is an excellent tool to stimulate the active involvement and engagement in road safety of both managers and drivers within your organisation. Read more here.

Armoured Vehicle Resources

In 2013 a number of workshops related to armoured vehicles were organised. The output of these workshops can be found in the Fleet Forum Knowledge Center. These documents, provided by Fleet Forum members, serve as examples. Read more here.