Shell Global Road Safety Manager Mike Watson to Open 12th Annual Fleet Forum Conference


“Executing Fleet Excellence” is the focus for a meeting co-hosted by UNHCR in Budapest, Hungary.

The Annual Fleet Forum Conference 2014 will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 2-4 April 2014. The 2014 Conference is hosted by The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Mike Watson, Shell’s Global Road Safety Manager, will keynote the event.

Watson’s topic, “Achieving ‘Step Change’ Performance Improvement in Road Safety” highlights the conference theme of “Executing Fleet Excellence” and recognizes the strategic importance of transport efficiency and effectiveness in both the corporate and the aid and development sectors. The theme reflects Fleet Forum’s commitment to improving awareness of the importance of vehicle fleet operation in order to reach the organisational objectives of reduced accidents, reduced environmental impact, and reduced costs.

The topics for the 3-day programme will cover strategic and tactical best practices from the aid and development sector and the commercial sector. Along with practical workshops, a combination of plenary and breakout sessions will be featured, as well as contributions from a diverse range of leaders in their fields.

“It is a pleasure for UNHCR to host the Annual Fleet Forum Conference this year. In the next few days my fleet colleagues and I look forward to exchanging ideas with you on how we can improve our existing processes and implement newer even better practices,” said Vicente Escribano, Head of Supply Management and Logistics Service in UNHCR.

“The theme for our 2014 conference is Executing Fleet Excellence,” states Paul Jansen, Executive Director of Fleet Forum.  “We chose this theme to underscore the sheer importance of sustainable transport. Whatever the driver
 for improving your own transport—be it a reputational risk, a business risk, or a reduction of costs, accidents, or environmental impact—we all arrive at the same hard reality that without sustainable transport there will be no transport at all. Without sustainable transport, there will be no plans, innovations, inspiration, or future. Now, at this very moment, is the time to execute our new operational reality.”

A highlight of the conference will be the presentation of the 3rd Annual Fleet Forum Best Transport Achievement Award, sponsored by UPS. This award is presented to the humanitarian organisation that most exemplifies excellence in one or more fleet management areas. The winner of the Best Transport Achievement Award 2013 was World Food Programme Sudan (www.wfp.org) for their successful implementation of a comprehensive fleet reorganisation enabling WFP Sudan to serve more beneficiaries and at the same time save more than $1 million.

Humanitarian organisations face serious challenges in managing their fleets. Whether fleets are owned or contracted through a third party, it remains a daily challenge to run those fleets in effective and efficient ways. Fleet managers are responsible for identifying and implementing policies and actions that will help to improve the management of their fleet while supporting the programmes and objectives of their particular organisations.

More than 90 participants will attend this year’s event. The annual Fleet Forum Conference brings together the expertise of personnel from international non-government organisations (NGOs) that work in the humanitarian aid and development sector, international companies that supply products and services for transport and logistics, donor organisations, academic institutions with global recognition in transport and logistics, and intergovernmental organisations such as the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the agencies of the United Nations, including the World Food Programme (WFP).

Founded in 2003, Fleet Forum is focused on transport effectiveness by encouraging the development of effective practices in the areas of road safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency. Fleet Forum is a collaborative association that includes NGOs, international organisations, the United Nations, academic institutions, donors, and corporate partners.


For more information about Fleet Forum, contact Paul Jansen at paul.jansen@fleetforum.org