Fleet Forum Works with TNT Express Greece to Reduce Road Traffic Accidents and Environmental Impact

Fleet Forum and TNT Express Greece have partnered to reduce road traffic accidents and the environmental impact of the express delivery company’s fleet.

Consultants from Fleet Forum have worked intensively with TNT Express Greece to analyse the current status of the company’s fleet safety management and environmental impact. Between 10 and 14 February, the Fleet Forum consultants interviewed 43 people including drivers, field sales, supervisors and others and analyzed accident & fuel consumption data that provided input for a gap analysis. During a two-day workshop the gap analysis and recommendations for improvement were presented after which a cross functional team, consisting of operational supervisors, Field sales, key subcontractors and management worked together on action plans to put the recommendations in place.

TNT Express Greece will use the outcome of these actions to improve the internal processes, to the benefit of its employees, the society and the environment. Initially, the company will focus on safe driving behavior of its staff. In this phase, TNT will make use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as as collision avoidance technology to support drivers. In the second phase, replacement of current vehicles will support driver safety and lead to substantial reduction of fuel consumption.

Kostas Adamopoulos, TNT Express Operations Director South East Europe:
“Fleet Forum helped us to build the right action plans with a focused approach to reduce the risk on accidents and our environmental impact; it will lead to cost savings for our own fleet and our subcontractors as well. We are committed to improving road safety, in partnerships as we want all our employee and subcontractor drivers to return safely to their homes, everyday”.

“For TNT Express maintaining a healthy and safe working environment is vital for its operations. Given TNT Express’ business and operational profile health & safety and the environment are given priority on the TNT Express’ strategic agenda,” states Kevin Warburton, TNT Express Global Manager Health and Safety. “The work that Fleet Forum has done in Greece is supporting the strategic agenda.”

Paul Jansen, Executive Director of Fleet Forum: “The environmental and road safety impact programme with TNT Greece perfectly fits with Fleet Forum’s vision to optimize transport operations by making it safer, greener and more effective.” Over the next months TNT Express Greece and Fleet Forum will closely work together to ensure that the action plans are implemented and monitor the results.