Building the next level of Fleet Excellence

Fleet Forum is partnering with UNHCR to develop the next level in fleet management training.

Advanced Fleet Training 4The Advanced Fleet Excellence Training, now being designed jointly by the two partners, builds on the Basic Fleet Excellence course that introduces participants to general fleet management concepts. The Advanced training goes deeper, enabling participants to build their knowledge and skills in fleet management, explained Rose van Steijn, Fleet Forum Project Manager.

“From the follow-up to the Basic training, we learned that by applying the knowledge learned in the training, participants realised significant cost savings while improving the effectiveness of their fleet. Some participants also reported being more confident to openly discuss fleet management issues with their senior management,” said Van Steijn.

“The focus of the Advanced course is on helping participants manage their organisation’s fleet at the next level – more efficiently, effectively, safely and with less environmental impact.”

Developing the training and partnering with Fleet Forum is a logical step for UNHCR. Ketil Hov, UNHCR Section Head, explains: “The training package supports our five-year Fleet Management strategy, which aims to provide UNHCR field offices and operations with appropriate, cost-effective, safe vehicles and professional fleet management services to support optimum programme delivery. Our implementing partners operate the majority of our vehicles. With this training, we would like to build their knowledge and skills in Fleet Management to ensure that our implementing partners contribute to our strategy as well.”

The training course principally targets decision makers and those involved in the execution of fleet management, from senior management and transport managers to dispatchers and drivers. E-learning modules for the Basic Training are also being developed to enable new participants to complete the course from any location and at their own pace prior to undertaking the Advanced training.

Market gap

Developing the training in partnership with UNHCR offers countless benefits to both partners, including economies of scale and leveraging of each partner’s unique sector knowledge and reputation. The course also fills a critical gap in the market, noted Van Steijn.

Advanced Fleet Training 5“There are no fleet management training courses specifically aimed at the humanitarian fleet management sector today. More than 150 people from aid and development organisations worldwide have participated in Fleet Forum’s Basic training since it was developed in 2013. We expect that demand to continue to grow,” she said.

The aim is ultimately to offer professional certification for the Basic and the Advanced training, which will help to further professionalise the fleet management function and lend greater credibility to the development of fleet management expertise. Van Steijn said she expects that accreditation will be realised in the near future.

The Advanced course and the E-learning modules, both sponsored by the UPS Foundation, will be piloted this May. A roll-out is planned for September 2015.

Participants of a Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Training course, held around the globe:

Advanced Fleet Training 1 Advanced Fleet Training 5 Advanced Fleet Training 4 Advanced Fleet Training 3 Advanced Fleet Training 2