Plan International tender for vehicles, tracking devices and communication equipment

Plan International, one of our valued members, is entering into the next phase of their Fleet Management strategy. In this phase Plan is tendering for vehicles, tracking devices and communication equipment.

Plan International is now welcoming bids for our Vehicles, Tracking and Communications tender, launched today. This tender is comprised of three Lots:

Lot A – Supply of Vehicles Internationally to Plan Countries
Lot B – Supply of Tracking devices and accompanying software for Light Vehicles and Motorbikes
Lot C – Supply of HF and VHF Communications equipment

Interested parties to bid for any Lot, any part of a Lot, or combination of Lots. Please download the Tender Dossier from the website of Plan International here.

Please confirm at your earliest convenience if your company intends to bid by completing the “Confirmation of Intention to Tender” page in the Dossier and returning it to procurement@plan-international.org.

Completed bids should be submitted no later than 14th March 2016 17:00 GMT. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the global procurement team of Plan International by emailing procurement@plan-international.org.

Shortly after launching the tender, if a number of similar queries are received, Plan International will respond collectively to all interested parties.