Pilot Emergency Preparedness Workshop in Geneva

Hosted by WHO in Geneva

Fleet Forum, funded by USAID and hosted by WHO, announces a 1-day workshop on fleet management in emergencies to be held on 22 November in Geneva. Representatives from aid and development organisations who were (or are) directly or indirectly delivering emergency and relief response to beneficiaries are invited to participate.

Emergency Preparedness

Preparation of fleet management activities – especially during the initial phase of the response – can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful response. In such situations, there is a great need for professional fleet management.

Since the summer, with the support of USAID, Fleet Forum has been developing training materials for fleet managers operating in emergencies consisting of a guide, e-learning module and 1-day workshop.

In November, it is Fleet Forum’s intention to pilot the training materials, receive feedback and then integrate it into our existing fleet management training programme from 2017 onwards.

1-Day Pilot Workshop

The 1-day workshop will contain interactive exercises such as a scenario-based management game will be used to simulate the preparation phase of a  humanitarian crisis, so that participants are provided with a realistic and safe environment to develop their skills.

Upon completion of the ‘Fleet Management in Emergencies’ training module, participants should be able to:

  • Conduct an Emergency Transport Needs Assessment;
  • Identify risks, vulnerabilities and gaps in the organisations’ current fleet management practices and how these risks can jeopardise successful response operations;
  • Select strategies to overcome the risks and vulnerabilities and close the identified gaps;
  • Professionally manage a fleet of vehicles during an emergency;
  • Communicate and negotiate with diverse audiences during emergencies

The agenda can be found here.

Our Host

We are delighted to announce that the World Health Organisation (WHO) will be hosting the workshop. The WHO is undertaking substantial reform efforts to address the complex health challenges facing the international community in the 21st century.  From perpetual problems to new threats, the WHO reform seeks to ensure that the organisation and its Members have the capacity and flexibility to respond to future health issues. The workshop fits in with WHO’s reform objective and the steps that the organisation has been taken to improve fleet management to be better equipped to respond to health emergencies in the future

Join Us

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Nikita.Udhwani@fleetforum.org

This is a USAID-funded activity and therefore there are no costs to participate. WHO will offer all participants refreshments and lunch during the workshop. There are only 15 available spots, so be sure to sign up soon.