Globaltrack and Fleet Forum launch partnership to promote motorbike tracking

Fleet Forum is continuously looking for ways for our humanitarian members to benefit from new fleet management solutions and tools. To that end, in cooperation with our member Globaltrack, Fleet Forum would like to invite six organisations to join the Motorbike Tracking Solution Trial Programme.

“We recognise the value of tracking vehicles and motorbikes and encourages organisations to embed tracking in their global fleet management plan. Tracking will provide organisations with the information needed to monitor and improve objectives related to effectiveness, safety, security and cost efficiency. By participating in the trial programme, organisations have the chance to determine the extent to which tracking motorbikes can support their organisation.” says Paul Jansen, Fleet Forum Executive Director.

During the trial project Globaltrack and Fleet Forum will gather data and experience from all participants. In this way we will build knowledge on the benefits of motorbike tracking that can be shared with all members. “I believe this knowledge and experience about motorbike tracking is a strong instrument to improve the safety, efficiency and environmental impact of motorbike fleets. We have seen the impact with organisations working with motorbike tracking” says Pieter Smits, CEO of Globaltrack

Which countries are in scope?

Together with Globaltrack, we have shortlisted Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi) and East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya) as preferred countries. This is  a preference. Feel free to apply for other African countries and Asian countries as well. The trial can be facilitated there as well.

Who can participate?

Six organisations can participate in the trial. For each organisation, three tracking devices are available. From the applications, we will select the organisations in which the motorbike solution best suits their organisational objectives. In the next four weeks, you will have the chance to apply for participation by preparing the application form. All applications should be submitted no later than 17 March. On 24 March, we will communicate which organisations have been selected to participate in the Programme.

At the Fleet Form Conference on 14 and 15 June in Brindisi, Italy, the first results of the trial will be presented.