Fleet Forum to Develop a Digital Knowledge Platform

We are excited to announce that the UPS Foundation has provided Fleet Forum with funding to develop a Fleet Management Knowledge Platform in 2017 for aid and development organisations.


Over the years, Fleet Forum has identified and (co)-developed a series of knowledge documents and practical tools that are currently used by Fleet Forum in the Fleet Excellence Training Programme, during workshops and are shared on request with representatives of the aid and development community who wish to improve their fleet safety and fleet management.

For many aid and development organisations fleet management has just started to become an organisational priority globally. As such, Fleet Forum wants to ensure that organisations have access to knowledge that they need to professionalise their fleet management.

The Concept

At the center of this project is the ambition to build knowledge and skills in the area of fleet management, fleet safety management and reducing the environmental impact that aid and development produce by operating a fleet of vehicles.

The Fleet Management Knowledge Platform will serve as the virtual gathering place where fleet managers can get information and can find practical tools that help them realise this ambition. This will support aid and development organisations to reduce operating costs, road traffic accidents and the environmental impact of their fleet and improve the support that the fleet function is providing to programme delivery, both in emergencies as well as non-emergencies.

The Knowledge Platform will be hosted on Fleet Forum’s website – in English and French – and will be mostly open-source, meaning that it will be accessible to all persons with an interest in humanitarian fleet management, operating in low and middle income countries.


We are looking for:

  • Organisations who would like to donate content to the Knowledge Platform
  • Persons with the relevant technical expertise (fleet management, knowledge management or IT process design) to form part of our Super User Group
  • Individuals who would like to be amongst the first to use the platform

For more information or to sign up, please send an email to

We look forward to creating a platform that serves as an accelerator, providing the highest outputs to organisations that wish to make improvements in (aspects of) fleet management.