Driver Recognition Programme Expands to South East Asia


Fleet Forum Driver Recognition Programme Kicks-Off with Full Support from PAE and RMA

Fleet Forum is pleased to announce that with the support of PAE and RMA, the Driver Recognition Programme will be launched in South East Asia. The programme, which was launched two years ago in East Africa, has been received with great enthusiasm by the humanitarian sector, with over 600 drivers signing up in the region. From August, the Driver Recognition Programme will be open to 18 countries in South East Asia and will come to a closure with the Driving Champions Final taking place in February 2018 in Bangkok.

The Driver Recognition Programme recognises the driver who is an inspiring example for others in terms of road safety and health, cost efficiency and friendliness as well as the corresponding organisation who understands the critical role they play in delivery of aid and development and take the time to show appreciation for their drivers.

At the 2017 Fleet Forum Annual Conference, PAE and RMA formally signed up as Title Sponsors of the programme in the region. In this capacity, they will fund the execution of the Qualifying Rounds as well as a large part of the final event: The Driving Champions Final. At this event, the best drivers from different humanitarian organisations compete to win the Driving Champions Award. 
 Both PAE and RMA understand the critical role drivers play in the delivery of aid and development and welcome the opportunity to recognise them for their accomplishments.

To learn more about the programme or register your organisation, please contact Nikita Udhwani, or visit the Fleet Forum website.

About PAE

Over the past 60 years PAE supported complex and critical missions by providing global logistics and stability operations in some of the most challenging environments in the world. Safe road travel is a cornerstone of PAE’s support, and they have undertaken the task of training thousands of drivers in various countries over the past six decades, with the dual objective of expanding their own talented workforce and imparting professional skills to the communities where they operate.

PAE supports the execution of complex and critical missions by providing global logistics and stability operations, technical services and security solutions to customers around the world. PAE has a workforce of approximately 15,000 people in over 60 countries on all seven continents and is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

About RMA

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, RMA Group employs over 6,000 people globally and has an operational presence in 15 countries. RMA is the partner of choice for leading automotive, equipment, services and food brands in Southeast Asia and beyond. RMA’s roots are in Southeast Asia, where in the 1980s it started to supply goods and equipment to governments, NGOs and private contractors in Cambodia and Vietnam.

RMA provide a world class Logistics Hub service for all types of vehicles, both modified and base; vehicle storage, tracking, parts warehousing and distribution, all strategically located in Thailand’s Laem Chabang Free Zone. RMA Logistics Solutions handles large volume shipments and goods sourced from different origins. Whether it is bulk-movement, small shipment, port-to-port or door-to-door delivery, RMA has pioneered solutions to deliver materials and products anywhere in the world within the committed deadline, and within budget.