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Join Armoured Vehicles Workshop at AidEx

What if (I)NGOs were to operate AVs?

Increasingly, organisations are involved in emergencies with war and violence. To protect staff, the number of Armoured Vehicles (AVs) being used by organisations is increasing. In these volatile environments, support to beneficiaries is even more depending of staff being able to travel. Mismanagement or misuse of AVs can lead to programme delays or disruptions with dire consequences.

Fleet managers might be not directly responsible for reducing security & safety risks of AVs, but their fleet management knowledge and skills can ensure that AVs are available to use when needed, well operated, well maintained and driven by qualified drivers.

Workshop on November 15 at AidEx

Fleet Forum will facilitate a workshop designed to stimulate a discussion around ‘What if (I)NGOs were to operate AVs?’

Both UN agencies and NGOs are operating in high risk environments; and while it is common practice for NGOs to adopt a strategy of acceptance from the community, they are increasingly considering the option of using armoured vehicles.

Under this scenario, Fleet Forum will facilitate an interactive discussion around the following:

  1. What is the impact for the role of fleet managers in NGOs?
  2. How can UN agencies and NGOs work together?
  3. How can suppliers support this potential shift in the sector?

By facilitating this workshop, Fleet Forum is NOT advocating for the use of AVs by NGOs. AVs are specialist equipment designed to mitigate security risk; as such, the need for an AV is not a fleet management decision, it is a security one. With that in mind, Fleet Forum recognises that organisations are initiating these discussions internally and we would like to provide a platform where people can discuss the potential relevance from a fleet management perspective.

Workshop Participants

The workshop is open to global, regional and country fleet managers as well as security specialists. Fleet management related suppliers who are exhibiting at AidEx are welcome to participate as well.

To register or for more information, please contact

Prior to the workshop, Fleet Forum will engage participants to review the tools developed throughout 2017 and solicit feedback. By registering for the workshop, participants agree to provide feedback ahead of the workshop.