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Become a Fleet Excellence Trainer in East Africa

Over the years Fleet Forum has been active building fleet management knowledge and skills in staff members in aid and development organisations through the Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Workshop. As the need for skilled and knowledgeable Fleet Manager is recognized by the sector and the demand for the Fleet Excellence Workshop is growing. Fleet Forum, with support of USAID, will launch the Fleet Excellence Train the Trainers in East Africa.

The Fleet Excellence Train the Trainers Programme included:

  • Access to fleet management e-learning modules, which will help participants to refresh their knowledge about Fleet Management
  • Participation in a 2-day Fleet Excellence Train the Trainers Workshop.
  • Facilitation of a 3-day Fleet Excellence Workshop by the participant in his/her own organization with support of Fleet Forum

The 2018 programme will be offered in Ethiopia in English. The programme is open to former participants of the Fleet Excellence Training who are based in or near Ethiopia and have a passion for passing their fleet management knowledge and skills on to others, in and outside their organisation.

Successful Programme in the Middle East in 2016-2017

In November 2016, Fleet Forum launched the first ever Train the Trainer programme so that participants can become fleet management trainers and will then build fleet management capacity across their organisation. After participating in the 2-day ToT, each trainer facilitated their very first Fleet Excellence Training with great energy and skill for participants from their own organisation. Since then, 4 trainers have been certified in UNHCR, Mercy Corps, UNRWA and IRC. Our newly certified trainers are now equipped and ready to build fleet management capacity within their agencies as well as other organisations in the Middle East with light assistance from Fleet Forum.

Train the Trainer


Great! Read more in the programme information and fill in the application form. We look forward to reading your application.