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Call to Register: 3rd East Africa Driver Recognition Programme 2018

After the first two highly successful Driver Recognition Programmes in East Africa, Fleet Forum is pleased to announce the 3rd East Africa Driver Recognition Programme. Registration is open to all humanitarian organisations in East Africa, and we invite you to register before the 15th of March 2018. Qualifying rounds will begin in April. The final event, the Driving Champions Final, will take place in September 2018 in Kenya.

The Driver Recognition Programme recognises the driver who is an inspiring example for others in terms of road safety and health, cost efficiency and friendliness. It also acknowledges the corresponding organisation who understands the critical role the drivers play in delivery of aid and development and take the time to show their appreciation of their drivers.

Programme Set-Up
The competition will consist of the following:

  • Participating organisations nominate their drivers of light vehicles (sedans / 4×4) — we encourage as many drivers to enter the first round as possible;
  • Country qualifying rounds take place, in which driving skills and driver knowledge are tested;
  • The best drivers from different countries compete in the final round to be the best driver and win the annual Driver Award.
  • The final event simulates a ‘typical day in the life of a driver’.

At the heart of this programme is our desire to acknowledge the critical role that drivers play in the delivery of aid and development. We aim to bring together three elements: 1) engaging in a fun manner, 2) reinforcing healthy and safety practices and 3) improving data collection on driver performance. You can read more about the programme on our website.

Call to Register
Fleet Forum calls all interested humanitarian organisations in East Africa to sign up before the 15th of March 2018. Sign up by sending an email to Vered.Ehsani@fleetforum.org.

Best regards,

Paul Jansen
Executive Director
Fleet Forum