Child Road Safety Education Programme in School.

Aurangabad, India (January – March 2018)

Fleet Forum along with partner NGO SIDART completed Road Safety training for more than 300 school students in Aurangabad. These students were from 3 different schools of grade 6, 7 & 8.  Different topics related to road safety were covered during the seven weeks of the programme. Along with children their parents were also involved in lesson activities and filling worksheets as take home exercise. The children really enjoyed the classes. To make learning more effective the medium of instruction was English and Marathi (which is local language of the region).

At the end of seventh week all participating students were given certificate for their active participation during the programme. In each school a best student’s prize was also given based on ‘Talk-sheet’ activity which was to speak to maximum number of people on road safety awareness on one –on-one basis.

As part of sustainability of the programme two teachers from each school were trained for continuing the road safety lessons for their school children. Mementos were given to all schools for their support in conducting road safety classes for their students.

Post programme an impact assessment was done to see how effective the programme is in terms of knowledge increase and retention for all the participating students.