Novacom and Fleet Forum Collaborative Project.

‘Is your organisation fleet management system ready?’ Novacom and Fleet Forum announce a project that supports humanitarian organisations answering this question.

Novacom and Fleet Forum are launching a collaborative project to develop tools that help aid and development organisations assess whether their organisation is ready to implement systems to support fleet management.

The benefits and utility of Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) have been known for many years in private industry and more recently in the aid and development sector. The increasing availability and accessibility of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions combined with a reduction in costs of hardware and data transmission has resulted in a number of agencies piloting or adopting variations of the available technologies. From working extensively with the sector, Fleet Forum has seen multiple examples where roll-out of vehicle tracking systems and/or fleet management systems resulted in failure or not achieving the expected benefits, a waste of donor funds and lost faith in the capabilities of system technologies and the benefits that they can bring to fleet management performance of the organisations.

Rob McConnell, Fleet Forum Senior Consultant explains: ‘One of the reasons why the implementation of systems has a high-risk of failure is that many organisations approach FMS and IVMS as a technical solution to an existing organisational and managerial problem.’

Novacom Services has been providing the aid and development sector for many years with the HumaNav system. As a supplier to the sector, Novacom has also observed a number of organisations that were not or only partly successful in the implementation and roll out of FMS and IVMS projects. Joseph Yasmine, Key Account Manager says: ‘By partnering with Fleet Forum in this project, Novacom wishes to guide organisations in assisting their organisation for the implementation of FMS and IVMS systems and support these organisations in implementation readiness’.

The project will be kick-started at the upcoming Fleet Forum Conference which will take place in Copenhagen in June where a breakout session will try to identify the areas for system implementation success. The output of this session will be used to develop the assessment and supporting tools. Once the tools are drafted, organisations will be invited to test and provide feedback. If you are interested to participate in testing please send an email to and