Fleet Forum Strategic Agenda


 The Road Ahead

In 2014 the Fleet Forum Board conducted a strategic review to place the organization’s strategy within the context of future developments and understand the key challenges faced. The review resulted in the development of the Fleet Forum Dream: a series of strategic agenda points that highlight the focus areas for Fleet Forum between now and 2017

Eight key agenda points have been identified as priorities to guide Fleet Forum’s Board, management, staff, volunteers and members towards the fulfilment of Fleet Forum’s strategy:

Benchmarking to raise the profile of the sector

Benchmarking of quantitative and qualitative data will give insight in the performance of the sector. This will support individual organisations to improve their performance. Fleet Forum intends to use this benchmark to determine the needs and gaps of the sector and drive interventions to support improvements.

Leading convenor.

Fleet Forum has emerged and will continue to be a dynamic forum and gathering place for various stakeholders (aid & development organisations, commercial transport operators, donors, suppliers and academia) to discuss fleet management practices and policies. This will draw attention to the critical transport related issues of fleet safety, environmental impact, cost efficiency and effectiveness and enable members to work together on solutions.

Recognized fleet management standards for the aid & development sector.

Parallel to the convening role, Fleet Forum sets and provides fleet management standards that are used by the aid & development sector in order to increase economic efficiency while protecting people and the planet. Recognised as being accepted by organisations and donors.

Recognized fleet management standards for the commercial sector.

Since its formation in 2003, Fleet Forum has grown to encompass commercial transport organizations that share concerns about road safety, green practices, and fleet efficiency. Fleet Forum will also be a convenor and standards-based solution provider for like-minded commercial organizations in targeted countries and sets and provides fleet management standards. These standards will be used by the commercial sector in order to increase economic efficiency while protecting people and the planet.

Products and services to works towards fleet excellence.

Fleet Forum continues to develop and deliver products and services that have practical applications for organizations in the transport sector. These products and services have been field-tested and have proven effectiveness in making a real difference when it comes to raising the level of performance within fleet operations. Fleet Forum will continue to be a primary standards-based solution provider

Co-creative product development.

The value of Fleet Forum’s products and services is ultimately determined by organizations that make use of them to raise level of performance within fleet operations. Fleet Forum intends to apply the principles of co-creation by engaging and partnering with transport organizations and bring them into the development process of fleet management products and services.

Leading knowledge centre in low and middle-income countries.

Fleet Forum’s knowledge centre is a growing body of offline and online resources, from case studies to operating procedures and training materials. Fleet Forum aims to be the leading fleet management knowledge centre for organizations operating in low and middle-income countries.

Active membership organization.

Fleet Forum’s success lies in engaging organisations with the ideas, resources, and influence to discuss road safety practices and policies and who are willing to strive for fleet excellence. Fleet Forum seeks to build long-lasting relationships with organizations in order to leverage its knowledge and together raise the bar of fleet excellence. Fleet Forum will guide its members to become the most conscious, safe and cost-efficient organizations.