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Bas Janssen

Bas is Managing Director of the TNT Express Road Network, based in the Netherlands. He has worked for more than 20 years for TNT in varying functions within Sales Management and Depot General Management, as well as in TNT’s Benelux Operations, including Health and Safety, Environment and Security, and Procurement. Bas is Chairman of the Board of Fleet Forum and a Supervisor Board Member of North Star Alliance, a public-private partnership that provides access to health and safety services to vulnerable populations in Africa.








Lukas Nel
Board Member

Lukas Nel is Director Fleet, Safety and Assessments for World Vision International. He is responsible for overall leadership in World Vision for global fleet, fleet safety, and fleet assessment. Lukas is involved in directing the planning, development, and guide implementation of safety and assessments of all vehicles, capacity, and safety programmes incorporated at all levels of World Vision offices (national, regional) within that partnership. This includes acquisition, coordination, collaboration, consolidation, alignment, servicing, and economic and efficient use of vehicles and powered equipment, supporting a broad spectrum of ministry needs and demands. His involvement in Vehicle Fleet Management, on a global scale, includes vehicles, motorcycles, powered watercraft, powered generators, and other modes of transport necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of programme mobility.




Fleet Forum Advisory Board

Johannes Faller_UPS

Hannes Faller
Board Member
Hannes Faller was born in Berlin, Germany and started work with UPS just after military service in 1988 as a package car driver. He was promoted to Operational Management in 1989 in Munich, with several assignments including Human Resources, but mainly in package operations. Following a promotion to Package Division Manager in 2000, Hannes was responsible for the Nürnberg Division, followed by the same assignment in Dusseldorf. During that time, he engaged in business studies at the Open University in Hagen. He was then assigned to Region Marketing, heading the Customer Problem Resolution team from 2004 to 2005. Hannes moved to London in 2006, working as London Package Division Manager, responsible for several centres in the London area. He supported the Lynx integration into the UPS system. He returned to Germany in 2009 and worked as HUB Division Manager Herne. In 2012, Hannes was appointed EMEA Region Health and Safety Manager. Starting 2016 he will take over the operational responsibility for Northern part of Germany as Operations Manager.


Martin Walsh_WFP

Martin Walsh
Board Member

Martin Walsh has been employed with the United Nations World Food Programme for over 20 years, holding various positions during that time. Martin has assumed the roles of Workshop Manager, Procurement Officer, Global Fleet Manager, and UNHRD Depot Manager. His current role is Programme Manager of WFP’s GVLP, which oversees WFP’s corporate leasing programme based in Dubai.


Geerhard de Vries
Board Member

Currently Geerhard de Vries is VP Global Business Consulting with ORTEC. ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization software solutions and consulting services. Many of Mr. De Vries’ global clients are recognized leaders in their fields including Shell, BP, Microsoft and DuPont. Mr. De Vries is involved with ORTEC’s Social Responsibility Program (‘Optimizing the World’) in order to contribute to humanitarian aid organizations by deploying ORTEC’s resources, knowledge and expertise to optimize logistical processes. He was board chair of the Supervisory Board at North Star Alliance, and is currently board member of Fleet Forum. He performed many projects for health care organizations (Clinton Foundation, Task Force for Global Health). Geerhard holds an MBA and his research interests are Supply Chain Optimization, Revenue Management and Business Consulting.

Driving Forces

Paul Jansen, Executive Director
Mobile — +31 6 211 70 717
Paul.Jansen [at]
Skype: paulmjjansen
Paul Jansen has worked in the mail delivery and transport sector for 21 years. During this time he was responsible for managing different parts of the Dutch Postal company, now Post NL, as well as for TNT Express. For many years he was responsible for large operational units, and has also managed Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Process Engineering departments.
Paul has been dedicated to organisational change since the day he started working at the Dutch Postal company in 1989. As a management trainee, he joined the company during its transformative years from a state-run enterprise to a commercially listed company. In his roles at TNT Express Benelux, Paul worked on operational change with a clear focus and strong vision on people, customers, profit and the planet. In January 2011, Paul joined Fleet Forum as its Executive Director.

Jean-Charles Vitali, Chief Financial Officer
Mobile — +41 227374921
jcv [at]

Rose van Steijn_Fleet Forum
Rose van Steijn, Programme Manager
Mobile — +31 6 518 53 160
Rose.van.Steijn [at]
Skype: Rosevansteijn

Rose van Steijn has been Programme Manager for Fleet Forum since 2008. She is responsible for the development and execution of Fleet Forum projects and solutions that contribute to safe, efficient and clean fleet operations in low- and middle-income countries. Rose has been involved in the production and pilot of the Fleet Safety Toolkit, the development of Clean Fleet Procurement guidelines, Clean Fleet Workshops and Road and Fleet Safety implementations and trainings. She is also a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC). Before joining Fleet Forum, Rose held various managerial positions within TNT Express and worked for Moving the World, TNT’s partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme. Rose holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies and an Executive Masters degree in Humanitarian Logistics and Management.
Pramila Sanjaya Photo_2014

Dr. Pramila Sanjaya, Country Director India

Mobile –+91 982 9215 633
Pramila.Sanjaya [at]
Skype: Pramila.sanjaya

Dr. Pramila Sanjaya, a native of India, Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics and certified in Gender and Population Development and Women Empowerment is a diligent community mobilizer, social and development activist. Her passion about people and cultural knowledge, made her built a powerful record, experienced in management, leadership and governance, working in urban, slum and rural areas. Since 2008, Pramila Sanjaya is leading and pushing SIDART NGO as Honorary Advisor and Consultant. She and her team have also been providing senior and mid level development and management training for the students from India and other countries. With this background Dr. Pramila designed the Advocacy Plan for MDG & Human Development for the state of Rajasthan for UNICEF in 2006; on February 2013 she leads lectures in National and International Conferences as well.

One of her main interests is related to community development, and as it is known, in India, road safety is a huge problem, as such as traffic norms and space for pedestrians not well-respected. As a high concern to her, Dr. Pramila Sanjaya decided to design and direct survey and studies about road accidents and vulnerable situation of women and children near the highways and in the slums, Child Road Safety Project in the Jawahar Nagar slum. With the goal of improving safety, Dr. Pramila, in 2012, worked closely with Fleet Forum, as a member of the committee of inter-agency for road safety, doing surveys and studies, guidance, supervision students/Interns/ practical trainees from all over the globe to develop an effective and consistent program about Road Safety in Jaipur,Rajasthan,India.

At the beginning of 2013, with a whole study and project prepared, Pramila Sanjaya was able to develop the pilot project for Child Road Safety educational package in the East Zone of Jaipur, near the Jawahar Nagar slum. With all this ground experience about road safety practical Educational package, she is invited to guide workshops about the theme and keeps on hands in the main project.


Vivek Sinha, Programme Director India
Mobile — +91 9911864555
Vivek.Sinha [at]
Skype: viveksinha_2000

Vivek Sinha is capable of serving as the catalyst for achieving revenue objectives and organic growth through effective contributions. He is result-oriented with more than 9 years of extensive experience in Media Strategic & Tactical Planning, Marketing, Event Management, Program Development, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, CSR Initiatives, Relationship Management and Team Management. He has worked for organisations like Greenpeace, HCL, Helpage India, The Akshyapatra Foundation.

Vivek Sinha is working with Fleet Forum as a Project Manager (India) for last two years. Vivek is team oriented and is able to deal with people in various departments. He is confident and possesses skills, which helps him to perform the job efficiently and effectively. He has transited his enthusiasm, creativity and experience into the positions wherever he has worked.
He is an out-of-the-box thinker with proven track record of ameliorating business revenues, streamlining workflow and creating a team work environment to enhance profitability. He has rich experience in developing online campaigns, workshops and programs. He has demonstrated expertise in development & implementation of promotion plans and handling communication for events.
• He has been Responsible for a total operational management and training of the trainers for the school education program.
• Training, Coaching of Fleet managers for performances enhancement of their organization’s fleet.
• He has conducted workshops to encourage and motivate mid-level staff to maximize potential through technical training.

Nikita Udhwani, Programme Manager
Mobile — +31 6 311 55 861
Nikita.Udhwani [at]
Skype: nikitaudhwani

Nikita Udhwani is a change management consultant, trainer and facilitator. She founded a consulting business in the field of HR, during which she cultivated skills in the areas of behavioural change, training design and delivery, project management and research. Based in the Netherlands, she has worked on a range of projects, from conducting team trainings and workshops to advising international organisations on their change management programmes.

As an entrepreneur she saw a need to be part of a growing industry that requires constant change to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. By delivering positive business results through her multi-cultural approach, she engages her co-workers to increase the speed of change within organizations.
Nikita joined Fleet Forum in the role of Programme Manager in July 2015.