Vehicle Replacement South Sudan Workshop March 2014 Minutes

"Vehicle Replacement South Sudan Workshop March 2014 Minutes"

"From 24th to 26th March 2014 Fleet Forum facilitated a workshop entitled ‘Vehicle Replacement in Emergencies – Finding a solution for challenges in South Sudan and building an future model for vehicle deployment. The workshop was funded by USAID/OFDA. This document represents the minutes from the workshop. Objectives of the workshop:

  • To find a rapid and cost efficient solution for the immediate vehicle replacement issues in the South Sudan emergency.
  • To identify a future model for rapid, cost efficient and effective deployment of vehicles in emergencies.
  • To consider and discuss opportunities for collaboration in vehicle procurement (to achieve economies of scale and standardized approach)."

The Minutes can also be viewed here, along with photos from the workshop.

Minutes-Vehicle-Replacement-South-Sudan-Workshop-March-2014-02042014.pdf  Download  

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