Driver Recognition Programme 2016


Fleet Forum facilitates First Driver Recognition Programme

About the Programme
The Fleet Forum Driver Recognition Programme is an eco- and safe driving competition that recognizes the important role that drivers play in the sustainability and health and safety objectives of aid and development organisations. The programme is modelled on successful corporate sector initiatives, which show that such efforts lead to cost savings, fewer accidents and improved employee pride. We are excited to announce that in support of the Decade of Action, the UPS Foundation has provided Fleet Forum with funding through the Road Safety Fund for the development of the Driver Recognition Programme and implementation of a regional pilot.
Read more about the programme here.

Participating Organisations
Based on the high density of aid and development organisations, the first regional pilot is taking place in East Africa.
In the last few months, Fleet Forum has been working together with a small group of member organisations to develop and roll-out the programme; over 200 drivers from 4 countries in the region have already signed up voluntarily.
More information about Participating Organisations can be found here.

Driving Champion Finals
Fleet Forum is pleased to announce that the Regional Finals, co-hosted by World Food Programme and World Vision, will take place on 10 – 11 June in Kenya.
Read more about the final event here.

Details and Questions
For general questions, please send an email to Nikita Udhwani, Fleet Forum Programme Manager, at