E-Learning Modules

In 2015, Fleet Forum partnered with UNHCR to build the next level of fleet management training. Under the partnership, a series of fleet management e-learning modules were developed for senior managers, transport managers and drivers.

For fleet managers specifically, there are 10 e-learning modules:

  1. Introduction to Fleet Management
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Fleet Planning
  4. Specialist Vehicles
  5. Journey Management
  6. Driver Management for Managers
  7. Vehicle Management for Managers
  8. Fuel Management and Monitoring
  9. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  10. Incident Reporting

The feedback we have received from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, as it allows them to learn fleet management concepts right from their office in an engaging manner. Here is what some have said:

GREAT LEARNING!! The training was to the point and easy to comprehend. I really enjoyed the entire process. A one stop shop for fleet management training!

This training affords transport managers insight into the management of fleet. With respect to data management and how they are used in management of vehicles.

I am so excited with the whole contents of the training. it is very useful not only for transport mangers/fleet officers but also for all users of fleet in the humanitarian sector.

If you are responsible for vehicle fleet operations from aid and development organisations and wish to improve your level of knowledge and skills, we invite you to register for our Fleet Excellence Training, The training programme includes access to the e-learning modules, 3-day workshop and guidance to make concrete improvements in your fleet operations.

Alternatively, should you be unable to participate in this full training programme or wish to only access the e-learning modules, please send an email to Nikita Udhwani.


Screenshot of ‘Introduction to Fleet Management’ e-learning module