USAID – Fleet Excellence Trainings 2017

June – October 2017: 6 locations worldwide

The Fleet Excellence Training will take place in six countries in conjunction with USAID. These sessions will take place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Jordan, Haiti, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The training is geared towards senior and middle managers from aid and development organisations who are responsible for vehicle fleet operations.

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AidEx – Fleet Excellence Training

November: Brussels, Belgium

After a successful 4th edition of the Fleet Excellence Training at AidEx in 2016, this
year AidEx is partnering with Fleet Forum to provide a fleet management training programme to improve fleet operations and humanitarian logistics in aid agencies.

Fleet Excellence Training will have a direct impact on staff members in aid/ development organisations that are operating a vehicle fleet. Participants will have the opportunity to reduce costs, increase safety, and reduce their environmental footprint. By transferring practical knowledge and skills, organisations also increase the professionalism of their fleet operations.

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South East Asia – Driver Recognition Programme 2017

June – December 2017

The Driver Recognition Programme recognises the driver who is an inspiring example for others in terms of road safety and health, cost efficiency and friendliness as well as the corresponding organisation who understands the critical role they play in delivery of aid and development and take the time to show appreciation for their drivers.

Fleet Forum will be sharing more information in the coming months. If you would like to receive updates, please send an email to