AidEx Supplier User Workshop

Day 3-83
How do we get the best out the products and services we use? How can we improve usage and product development by collaboration between aid & development organisations and suppliers. You might recognise these thoughts.

“Do I really know what our drivers think of the vehicles we use?”

“Can I deliver the products & services that really make the organisations more successful?”

                “What can I learn from the experience of our admin the field?”

  “Are there new products or solutions in the market?”

                 “How do I get what I need out of a tender?”

“I can only deliver 75% of requested features. Should I still bid?”

      “How do I know what our drivers think of our vehicle tracking system?”

“If admin in the countries could choose, what insurance product would they want?”

During the 2016 Fleet Forum Conference in Dublin, Ireland, conference attendees provided input to create the foundation of supplier user platform, indicating how best to design a fair and transparent platform and the requirements that must be met in order for the platform to be engaging for all stakeholders.

During Aidex Fleet Forum organises a follow up workshop aiming to draft the design of such a platform. The workshop will take place on 16th November 2016 at Aidex in Brussels. We will continue the discussions from our Annual conference and discuss the following topicspicture1

In previous discussions and workshops a long list of products and services has been identified to be subject of the Cross Sector Collaboration. In the workshop at Aidex we will discuss the most mentioned products and services: vehicles, vehicle tracking, maintenance and insurance.

Please click here for the agenda of the workshop.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you at Aidex on 16th November 2016. Together we can make cross-sector collaboration a powerful tool to improve the fleet management performance. If you want to participate, please sign up here. If you have any question, please send an email to Nikita Udhwani,