Fleet Excellence Training

Over the years Fleet Forum has been active building fleet management knowledge and skills in staff members in aid and development organisations through the Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Workshop. As the need for skilled and knowledgeable Fleet Manager is recognised by the sector and the demand for the Fleet Excellence Workshop is growing.


The programme includes:

  • Access to fleet management e-learning modules, which will help participants learn the basics at their own pace before the training
  • 3-day in-country workshop which will include fleet management, fleet safety management and clean fleet strategy modules
  • Guidance to create a personal implementation plan to improve fleet management within your organisation
  • Frequent support and follow-up to assist you in the implementation of your personal implementation plan over the course of 10 months

Learning Objectives

During this programme, participants have a chance to:

  1. Understand the importance and the opportunities strategic fleet management presents to operations
  2. Develop the ability to lead by example
  3. Develop the ability to oversee fleet operations and make informed decisions on key fleet management issues
  4. Understand vehicle fleet planning
  5. Develop the ability to operate and manage fleet operations
  6. Develop the ability to analyse data, and prepare and present fleet management reports
  7. Develop the ability to communicate and negotiate with diverse audiences

Training Calendar

The tentative calendar for the in-country workshop are as follows:

MonthLocationTraining Language
May 2017Bukavu, DRCFrench
June 2017Juba, South SudanEnglish
August 2017Abuja, NigeriaEnglish
September 2017Islamabad, PakistanEnglish
September 2017Port-au-Prince, HaitiFrench
October 2017Amman, JordanEnglish

*Please note the training calendar is subject to change.


Registration for the trainings will open on 31 March. Should you wish to receive information about training activities in 2017, please send an email to Nikita.Udhwani@fleetforum.org