Fleet Forum, as a primary solution-provider, addresses the three focus areas in a systematic way, seeking to develop in collaboration and partnership successful solutions to the challenges of fleet operation. These solutions are based on practical applications that have been field-tested and have proven effectiveness in making a real difference. Fleet Forum’s emphasis is on action over words, and practice over theory. While the process of discussion and analysis is important, it is only as solutions are implemented that change for good occurs.

At the top of the list of solutions is the vital need to cut the numbers of road deaths and serious injuries. While the statistics are truly appalling, they are not inevitable. By applying simple solutions, lives can be saved and the numbers of those killed and injured can be greatly reduced. The number one cause of death for humanitarian aid workers is due to road accidents, and it is also ironic that those wishing to bring aid and development to a community accidently cause fatalities. From staff awareness training and community education all the way to fleet maintenance and operational policies, Fleet Forum provides both reasoned thinking and implements best practices to deal with this number one killer.

All organisations that operate a transport component need efficient and effective vehicles and systems. As another primary solution, Fleet Forum continues to promote awareness and solution-driven action within the humanitarian aid community as well as developing similar programmes for corporate businesses. A well-managed transport operation that seeks appropriate solutions should be at the top of administrative decision-making, and Fleet Forum seeks to make sure these ideas have high agenda priority. More than simply providing an advisory role however, Fleet Forum actively develops proven solutions that can be demonstrated on the ground to make sure that high-level decisions can be implemented where they matter most—in practice! In the area of humanitarian aid, operating an efficient fleet that effectively delivers aid to where it is needed most makes a huge contribution to fulfilling the organisation’s mission and mandate. The third primary Fleet Forum solution is to mitigate the by-products of transportation—pollution, noise, damage to the environment, etc.—that negatively impact human life and the planet as a whole. By operating a “clean fleet,” organisations can make very significant contributions to improving the quality of life, not just for those directly involved in the mission but also those indirectly impacted. To date, few organisations have acted directly to meaningfully reduce their environmental impact, even though they may be involved in aid activities. The recognition that a clean fleet is of benefit to all, including the organisation and its employees, is emphasized by Fleet Forum, with the provision of effective tools and solutions to help examine and address the problems.