Cost Efficiency

Operating an efficient and effective fleet means more than simply meeting transport objectives. The impact on employees, recipients, and others also needs to be taken into account, while cost efficiencies also help the organisation’s bottom line. Added to this are concepts of fleet safety that also complement efficiency, for accidents and damage derail programme delivery and cause an escalation of costs.

For these reasons Fleet Forum offers a number of effective tools for analysing operations and identifying areas for improved efficiency. These include vehicle-related issues, driver instruction, and operational policies that focus on practical rather than simply theoretical solutions. Added to this are fleet insurance guidelines, and recommendations for sustainable procurement—all essential in the building of a fleet that meets the needs of the organisation and others in an efficient and effective way.

In order to make a practical difference at the local level, Fleet Forum has “taken the classroom to the driver” in cooperation with other agencies. Through this method, Fleet Forum takes advantage of driver “downtime” to provide specific and relevant instruction at the roadside, using tailored instruction that recognises that many drivers in low- to middle-income countries are functionally illiterate.

Through annual conferences, roundtables, and on-site workshops, Fleet Forum shares information and best practices with participating companies and organisations. It also does on-the-ground training of drivers and managers, and facilitates the implementation of good operational practice through the provision of assessment tools and guidance. Of specific interest are the different Fleet Forum “Toolkits” and surveys that identify areas of need and the relevant solutions.