Environmental Impact

Fleet Forum recognises that the very act of transportation impacts the various environments: social, physical, and quality of life. It further recognises that it is out of harmony for organisations committed to improving a community’s living experience to damage it through transportation activities.

For this reason Fleet Forum offers tools and solutions to develop “green fleets” that have a reduced impact on the environment in terms of vehicle emissions and by-product pollution. By lessening the negative impact of transport through more efficient combustion, alternative fuels, and better vehicle management, the various communities benefit and the organisation is seen as environmentally responsible.

Not only can vehicles be “healthier,” but employees can too. By developing safer, wider operational practices, organisations can benefit the wider physical and social environments. Respect for the communities they pass through can be taught to drivers, and environmentally-damaging practices can be reduced. For example, not only is a well-maintained engine more efficient, it is less polluting, and drivers can be taught how to better maintain their vehicles. Even such practices as the revving of engines for long periods—producing much air and noise pollution—are relevant here.

Fleet Forum is very much aware of actual driving and operational practices from its experience in the field. For this reason it is well equipped to provide solutions that are both effective and “green”—methods that actually work and are to the benefit of all. Through wise procurement of fuel-efficient vehicles, a proper maintenance schedule, driver training, consolidation of deliveries, etc. a very significant impact can be made on reducing environmental damage while at the same time improving transport efficiency.

By reducing vehicle emissions that make up much of this world’s air pollution, by avoiding the practice of discharging used vehicle fluids into the environment, and by recognising their social responsibility to mitigate physical and social damage caused by transportation, transport organisations can make their own specific contributions to improved quality of life. It is Fleet Forum’s mandate to assist in this vital area and to provide relevant solutions based on best practices and proven methods.