Armoured Vehicle Workshop

Selection & Procurement of Armoured Vehicles

Selection Procurement
Example of DFID Armoured Vehicles Framework Specifications
Armoured Vehicle Classification Chart

Operating Armoured Vehicles

OFDA Vehicle Handbook 2012
Operating Armoured Vehicles (Presentation by UN Surface Transport Section)
Example of Specifications Quality Inspections
Good Practice of Using Armoured Vehicles
DFID Armoured Vehicle Daily Operations including checklists & templates

Driver training for Armoured Vehicles

Example Driver Training content USAID

Armoured Vehicle Disposal

Annex A: Example of Invitation to Bid
Annex B: Extract from CFE Treaty
Annex C: Example disposal Armoured Vehicles – UNLB
Annex D: Demilitarization Guidelines
Annex G: Example scope of work Destruction of Armoured Vehicles
Guidance Paper: Criteria for Selecting a Contractor

The documents provided by Fleet Forum members serve as examples, and might need adaptation for ones’ own organisation. Fleet Forum is not responsible for the content of the documents, and that we thank organisations who made the material available for sharing their knowledge.