Best Transport Achievement Award 2014

Winner: Oxfam

oxfam-carThe 2014 Fleet Forum Best Transport Award has been awarded to Oxfam for the excellent results from the introduction of vehicle tracking boxes and software in their global fleet of around 320 vehicles, spread over 40 countries. This has resulted in an 11% reduction in fuel costs, with a gross annual savings of about £165,000 UK, and a extremely impressive 76% reduction in overspeeding. Tim Moyle, Global Fleet Manager for Oxfam, and project director, accepted the award on behalf of the Oxfam staff around the world who have implemented the project. Moyle spoke about the process for implementing a global strategy, the sustaining impact of the change in the culture that has resulted, and credited his engagement with Fleet Forum for providing the initial information that led to the installations of the boxes in the vehicles.

Recognised as a strong competitor for the award, and honoured as a nominated runner-up in the award ceremony, was Save the Children US for the children’s road safety educational program that is part of the partnership and stability project in Khyber Pakhtunwa province in Pakistan. Naveed Ahmed Butt, Logistics Specialist with Save the Children, was on hand to receive the appreciation and recognition of the Fleet Forum membership.
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Speaking at the award ceremony at the closing session of the 2013 Fleet Forum Conference, Johannes Faller, EMEA Region Health and Safety Manager for UPS and Fleet Forum Board member, enthusiastically commended both of the award finalists. Faller identified the criteria for judging the winner as effectiveness, the ability to replicate the concept in other circumstances and organisations, innovation, collaboration with internal stakeholders, and meeting technical challenges.

The award was presented at the culmination of the 12th Annual Fleet Forum Conference, co-hosted by UNHCR in Budapest, Hungary. The theme of the conference—“Executing Fleet Excellence”—was modeled in the award finalists and the projects that were given recognition. This is the third year in which the Best Transport Achievement Award has been given.

The annual Fleet Forum Conference brings together the expertise of staff from aid and development organisations, international companies that supply products and services for transport and logistics, donor organisations, academic institutions with global recognition in transport and logistics, and international organisations such as the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the agencies of the United Nations, including the World Food Programme (WFP), and NGOs such as World Vision.

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About the Award


This was the third annual Best Transport Achievement Award, sponsored by global logistics company UPS.

About the Best Transport Achievement Award

Humanitarian organisations face serious challenges in managing their fleets. Whether fleets are owned or contracted through a third party, it remains a daily challenge to run those fleets in the safest, most cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way.

The fleet manager is responsible for identifying and implementing policies and actions that will help to improve the management of their fleet, in particular sustainable improvements that will make their fleet safer, cleaner and more efficient, and support the programmes and objectives of their particular organisation.

The Best Transport Achievement Award recognises the fleet manager and the organisation that is an inspiring example for others. The award is presented to the humanitarian organisation that most exemplifies excellence in one or more fleet management areas, such as road safety, fleet safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency.

The award winning entry must be replicable for others, and demonstrate professionalism, innovation, and strong, tangible results.