Best Transport Achievement Award 2013

Winner: World Food Programme Sudan

Winners of the 2013 Best Transport Achievement Award

Continuing the practice established at the Fleet Forum Annual Conference in 2012, the Fleet Forum Best Transport Award has been presented to an organisation that exemplifies excellence and innovation in Humanitarian Fleet Operation and Management. The annual award is sponsored by UPS.

The Jury for the 2013 Award included Bob GerLach from UPS; Bas Janssen, from TNT and and Chair of the Fleet Forum Board, and Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez from Indiana University

The jury looked at specific criteria when considering the applications. These include:

  • Effectiveness
  • Innovative ideas
  • Replicability to other circumstances and organisations
  • Collaboration with internal stakeholders
  • Success in overcoming technical challenges

The complete applications from the three finalist organisations are below, and are exemplary for all Fleet Forum members.


World Food Programme Sudan

Amid a very strong field of finalists, the 2013 Fleet Forum Best Transport Award has been awarded to the World Food Programme Sudan for their successful implementation of a comprehensive fleet reorganisation during 2012. Working in some of the most difficult circumstances facing humanitarian fleet operations anywhere on the planet, the WFP Sudan Logistics and Fleet Section team optimised the operation of some 60 trucks throughout Sudan, serving more beneficiaries than they had previously and at the same time saving more than one million dollars.

Download the World Food Programme Sudan presentation here

Recognised as strong competitors for the award, and honoured as runners-up in the award ceremony, were two additional exemplary programs.

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) was recognized for an innovative and capacity-building vocational training program for Lebanese Technical College Students in South Lebanon, providing students with hands-on experience, training, and safety training.

Download The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon presentation here

The award was presented at the culmination of the 11th Annual Fleet Forum Conference, co-hosted by the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, UAE. The theme of the conference—“Gather • Share • Change”—was modeled in the award finalists and the projects that were given recognition. “Bringing excellent projects like these to the attention of the humanitarian fleet community is one of the things that Fleet Forum does best,” said Paul Jansen, Fleet Forum Executive Director. “In the Annual Conference we gather together, meet, and network. We share ideas and information, challenges and solutions. And we change—all of us, in different ways, as we recognise what we need to do in order to meet the different situations of our changing world.”

About the Best Transport Achievement Award

Humanitarian organisations face serious challenges in managing their fleets. Whether fleets are owned or contracted through a third party, it remains a daily challenge to run those fleets in the safest, most cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way.

The fleet manager is responsible for identifying and implementing policies and actions that will help to improve the management of their fleet, in particular sustainable improvements that will make their fleet safer, cleaner and more efficient, and support the programmes and objectives of their particular organisation.

The Best Transport Achievement Award recognises the fleet manager and the organisation that is an inspiring example for others. The award is presented to the humanitarian organisation that most exemplifies excellence in one or more fleet management areas, such as road safety, fleet safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency.

The award winning entry must be replicable for others, and demonstrate professionalism, innovation, and strong, tangible results.