Stories of the Month: November 2013


Clements Worldwide and Fleet Forum to deliver insights on fleet risk management

Fleet Forum will partner with Clements Worldwide, a provider of international insurance solutions, to conduct a comprehensive global survey of risks faced by humanitarian organisations operating international fleets of vehicles.

The survey, named FleetRisk360°, will be the largest of its kind and will include responses from 200 humanitarian agencies worldwide. It will examine key loss drivers, as well as the likelihood and severity of fleet-related losses. The results, to be delivered at Fleet Forum’s Annual Conference 2014 in Budapest, will not only serve as a benchmarking tool but will provide critical new insights for the development of best practices and fleet risk mitigation strategies, such as global access to insurance.

Read more at the press release.




Annual Conference 2014


The Annual Fleet Forum Conference 2014 will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 2-4 April 2014. UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, has generously offered to host our 2014 conference. At the conference we will bring together aid and development organisations, governments, suppliers, corporations, and academia to share experiences, learn from one another, and discuss future needs and developments. Read more here…


Meeting mobile and remote energy needs

Most aid and development organisations have sizeable fleets that travel long distances to remote locations. Most of these vehicles are used by two to four staff members who carry laptops, cellular phones, iPads, hand-held communication radios, cameras, security gear, and so forth. Early this year a meeting was convened to discuss the possibility of adapting vehicles into mobile “chargeability stations.” Fleet Forum is the convening agency for the aid industry for fleet efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. TGS is Toyota’s official supplier of ex-stock vehicles to aid and humanitarian organisations worldwide. Point Innovate (co-developer and supplier of “Goal Zero” mobile energy products) works with the aid sector to bring reliable energy solutions to where the needs are greatest. Read more here…


Traffic safety education programme for children

India has the greatest number of road accidents, with over 400.000 accidents reported annually. A startling number of these victims are children. To address this crisis, Fleet Forum, on behalf of Shell India Markets Private Limited, launched a seven-week Road Safety Programme in three Indian cities, targeted at students of Class VI and VII. The students were taught the various aspects of road safety through the active learning method, in which the instructors led the children to participate in role plays, skits, discussions, case studies, and the creation of posters. Read more here…


Building fleet management capacity in aid and development organisations

Fleet Forum has agreed on a partnership with USAID to build fleet management capacity in aid and development organisations. USAID’s interest in fleet management is increasing as it becomes more and more apparent that transportation is a cornerstone of programme delivery—it is the second largest cost for most aid and development organisations, and vehicles are used to monitor, coordinate, and execute last-mile distribution of humanitarian assistance. Without vehicles, aid and development organisations can neither deliver their programmes nor support people in need. Read more here…

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Fleet Excellence Training for Companies

In September, Fleet Forum launched Fleet Excellence Training for companies. In Jakarta, Indonesia, this five-day training on fleet safety, clean fleet strategies and fleet management was conducted for companies such as TNT and Unilever and their subcontractors.  The evaluation of the training was very positive. 100% of the participants would recommend the training to others, and 70% stated that the training has given them enough knowledge and skills to start improving fleet management within their organisation. Topics of highest interest included the involvement of senior management and the way KPI’s are being used for improvement. Read more here…



NSEWA is the new and unique training product for truck drivers. NSEWA is an initiative to close the gap between health services and road safety through specially designed driver safety training and health-related programmes aimed at the road freight industry. This comprehensive training package was developed and tailored to enhance the driving skills and health-conscious behaviour of truck drivers. This product, developed by North Star Alliance and Fleet Forum, was funded by UPS Foundation and the Road Safety Fund. Read more here…

Other Resources


Fleet Safety Management Toolkit

The Fleet Safety Management Toolkit has already been used by more than 200 organisations. Check out the complete toolkit to know why all these organisations benefit from it.

Shell China Road Safety Video

In June, the Shell China Country Leadership Team endorsed a special project to support China’s Road Safety education in a refreshing way. Now, after several months’ of hard work, the final product is ready to be shared. More than 100 employees and kids from more than 15 different Shell China businesses contributed to this Shell China Road Safety video with the aim to raise the awareness on road safety internally and externally.