2019 Annual Conference 

Best Transport Achievement Award | Sponsored by UPS

About the Best Transport Achievement Award:

Humanitarian organisations face serious challenges in managing their fleets. Whether fleets are owned or contracted through a third party, it remains a daily challenge to run those fleets in the safest, most cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way.

The fleet manager is responsible for identifying and implementing policies and actions that will help to improve the management of their fleet, in particular sustainable improvements that will make their fleet safer, cleaner and more efficient, and support the programmes and objectives of their particular organisation.

The Best Transport Achievement Award, sponsored by shipping and logistics giant UPS, recognises the fleet manager and the organisation that is an inspiring example for others. The award is presented to the humanitarian organisation that most exemplifies excellence in one or more fleet management areas, such as road safety, fleet safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency.

The award winning entry must be replicable for others, and demonstrate professionalism, innovation, and strong, tangible results.

The 2018 Award:

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